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Best Kids’ Holiday Programmes in Pretoria

The long winter holidays stretch ahead and, for many families, filling those days can sometimes be a difficult task. Fortunately, for those of you living in Pretoria, there are lots of fun kids’ holiday programmes lined up this June and July. Here are a few ideas to warm up the winter days.

Kids School Holiday Fun

Montana Family Market Holiday  Programme

Get to Montana Family Market and let the children unleash their creative sides in our Holiday  Program. This Holiday Programmes takes place in the  Myooi Food play area between 11am and 1pm each day. The fun activities are ideal for 5-12 years olds and cost just R10 for materials per child.

Each day provides a different theme and item to make including:

Tues, 9 Oct: Make your own wrap

Wed, 10 Oct: Decorate your own cupcake

Thurs, 11 Oct: Make your own pizza

Fri, 12 Oct: Build-a-biscuit

Sat, 13 Oct: Make a burger

Make Your Own Wrap

A wrap is a magical food, it fits perfect with every child as they can fill it with exactly what they want.  Let your child experience the magic of mixing creativity with food by letting them create their own wrap during our holiday programme.

Decorate Your Own Cupcake

For your child with a sweet tooth, today’s special activity is perfect.  They get to decorate their own cupcake!  We’ll provide the cupcakes with fun 100’s and 1000’s, as well as icing and other delicious decorations!


Make Your Own Pizza

Let your rising chef shine in our make your own pizza activity.  Made in our very own 1 + 1 Pizza ovens, your child will get to see their delicious creation turn into their next meal.  Maybe they’ll even share!


We will appreciate all types of “biscuit-builders” at our biscuit building session.  Whether your child enjoys tasteful placement and a few decorations or whether your child will see how many decorations they can fit, we think they’re all beautiful!

Make a Burger

We’re making everyone’s favourite today; burgers!  We’re sure that each burger will come out looking as unique as each kid that makes it as they get to choose their favourite toppings to the “the perfect burger”.

For more visit the Kids Entertainment and Events Page

The Kids Holiday Program in Pretoria is hosted by our Art Facilitator, Tania

“I adore children’s proud facial expressions when they complete a project – creativity is such a big part of problem solving” says Tania.

Montana Family Markets Saturday Entertainment

Don’t stress If you can’t make it during the week. Every Saturday at Montana Family Market is a day of fun for the kids, no matter what time of year it is. In July some exciting activities for the kids include sparkle mosaic art classes, kids Zumba classes, an animal farmyard and magic shows. For more visit www.montanafamilymarket.co.za

Shooting Tunnel Competition: The fun continues at Montana Family Market with the Shooting Tunnel Competition on Saturday, 30 June from 11am to 1pm. This is some good, safe fun which – for a cost of R10 – allows children to try their hand at target shooting with fun prizes up for grabs!

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