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Best teachers’ gift ideas

As the year winds down and Christmas approaches, the gift shopping begins and the first on the list is generally the hardworking teacher dedicated to educating your beloved children. Instead of opting for the tried-and-tested coffee mug, here are some inspired ideas to truly say ‘thank you’ to that special teacher.

12 Gift Ideas for Teachers

1. Jewellery

Beaded jewellery is always a welcome gift which can be suitably personalised. Let your little one assist in choosing beads to make a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.  This encourages some consideration of the teacher’s likes and is a fun craft to enjoy with your child.

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2. Scrapbook

This is a particularly great gift that can be given from the entire class. The youngsters can choose some scrapbooking materials, get photos printed from class events, and compile a treasure trove of memories for the teacher that will be warmly received.

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3. Cosmetic items

The teaching profession insists on all teachers looking their best which is why an item of make-up, skincare products, some lovely nail-polish or hair accessories are always a great idea. A selection can be made up into a very attractive gift basket, also from the entire class.

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4. Towels and blankets

A tastefully selected item of linen, beautiful towelling or a comfortable blanket also make for a great teacher’s gift idea. Having the teacher’s initials embroidered on the gift is also a nice finishing touch.

5. Books

It might be a bit of a stereotype, but most teachers do enjoy reading so getting a book as a year-end gift is generally a great option. You can either opt for a new bestseller, or take some time perusing the second-hand bookshops for a first edition classic that shows some real heart.

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6. Piece of clothing

A classy cardigan, work-appropriate top or fun t-shirt is also a lovely gift for a teacher. If you have the time, steer away from the mass-produced chain store items and find something a bit unique which reflects the teacher’s individual taste.

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7. Accessory item

If you’re unsure of the teacher’s size but would still like to get some form of attire, then a fun scarf or elegant belt is always a great way to go. For something a bit different, you could even consider a trendy hat.

8. Cellphone case or accessories

It’s a digital age and even teachers are on board with such modern technology so why not look at a cellphone case or accompanying accessories? This is the perfect gift for that quirky art teacher!

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9. Sweet treat

It’s the time of year for indulging in sweet treats and decadent desserts so take advantage with some tasteful delicacies. A box of specialised doughnuts, jar of colourful candies, packet of fabulous fudge or box of mismatched chocolates always goes down well.

10.  Something for home

It’s nice to acknowledge that teachers do have lives outside of the classroom so consider getting something to add colour to the home. This could be a decorative statue, small item of artwork, photo frame or mirror. If your youngster is particularly creative then get him or her to craft something unique as a really personal ‘thank you’ for teacher.

11. Something for the kitchen

Kitchenware is always a safe bet when looking to buy year-end gifts as it’s highly unlikely your child’s teacher doesn’t have a kitchen! There are so many nifty new gadgets that make cooking interesting and fun, otherwise you can always choose a useful set of glassware or cutlery.  

12. Pamper voucher

After a very long year of teaching many young children, there is nothing more welcome than a voucher for some pampering. Your child’s teacher will definitely find some time during the Christmas break to take advantage of this useful gift.

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