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Essentials for Your Summer Holiday

Things are heating up and winding down with the arrival of the summer holidays and everybody is getting into the festive spirit. But, if you’re going to really enjoy the long, languid summer days then it’s important to get everything ready so you’re not running around in the heat. Here are your holiday essentials.

9 Summer Holiday Essentials 

1. Sunglasses

It’s going to be sunny and you don’t want to be glaring poolside – or wearing last year’s scratched shades – so get yourself some trendy sunglasses to really complete your summer look!

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2. Swimming towels

Go have a look in your towel cupboard and you will be shocked at what you find – or rather, what you don’t find. Swimming towels have a way of disappearing after the summer season and the towels that do remain are always so threadbare that they don’t even absorb any water. Go stock up on some soft, cuddly swimming towels so the children don’t ruin your beautiful bath towels with wet, muddy feet.

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3. Books

There is nothing better than getting caught up in a really great book with your time off. There are some really great new releases, otherwise take the time to tick some classics off your book bucket list.

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4. Pool toys

Hot summer days are only improved by a splash in a refreshingly cool pool. Children will spend hours getting some Vitamin D and exercise swimming in the pool but, to encourage this outdoor activity, it’s worth getting some fun pool toys. Lilos, pool noodles, goggles and other aquatic paraphernalia are always worth their while. Chances are last year’s pool toys have disappeared with the swimming towels.

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5. Swimwear

The latest in swimwear colours and cuts will be ready on the shelves so it’s time to treat yourself to one of this season’s swimming garments. Whether you’re in the best physical shape and want to show it off, or you need something a little more flattering, get new swimwear to improve your summer mood.

6. Summer clothing

You’ve done your spring cleaning so now it’s time to get that wardrobe re-stocked with trendy new summer clothes. Floral dresses, lightweight shorts and flowing tops will show off that gorgeous tan.

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7. Sun cream

Sun protection must always be a priority when it comes to the outdoors so invest in some high-factor sun cream and keep a spare bottle. This is definitely a holiday essential!

8. Sun hats

Continue that protection with a sun hat that provides shade – and a touch of class. When it comes to sun hats, bigger is always better so don’t be afraid to make a real statement with that hat.

9. Christmas shopping

If you really want to get ready for this summer holiday, then get all the busy-work out of the way early. Find a one-stop Christmas shopping venue and tick off all those Christmas presents now so that beneath the Christmas tree is an array of enticing gifts and you can take the time to relax.

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You will be able to find all the above summer holiday essentials at Montana Family Market. Situated on the corner of Enkeldoorn Avenue and Sefako Makgatho Drive, Pretoria, just across from Kolonnade Mall, Montana Family Market is a diverse shopping experience promising family fun. Pop in for a quick Christmas shop and bite to eat or stay for a full day of family fun at one of Pretoria’s best markets.



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