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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to start looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for the ‘old man’ while also celebrating his unique personality. Although it’s easy to pop into your local retail hub and select a pre-wrapped gift hamper, visiting a local market will provide you with an expansive range of present options that might mean a bit more to your dad. Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas that lend themselves to a bit of sentimentality.

9 Great Gifts for Dad

1. Gadgets

From the multi-purpose Leatherman that can overcome anything from opening a beer to fixing faulty wiring all the way to the headlamp which always comes in handy during load shedding, there are very few fathers who don’t appreciate a really useful gadget.

2. Books

Hard cover, soft cover, first editions or even just a trashy action thriller, books to the literary father are always a treasured item. While you can get the latest novel at any commercial outlet, real storybook gems can be found at a local market so it’s worth taking the time to browse those overweighed second-hand bookshelves.

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3. Clothing

What’s Father’s Day without the traditional pair of socks? Some dads come to rely on this annual addition to get them through the upcoming year so don’t laugh off this gift item. Father’s generally don’t opt to go clothes shopping so take this opportunity to buy your father a really useful or unique garment that will always remind him of his beloved progeny.

4. Luggage

One of the most useful gifts anyone can receive is luggage. It’s practical and well-used so good quality luggage, perfectly suited to your upcoming family holiday, is always a well-received gift item. They also come in a range of sizes, brands and colours so get one that adequately fulfils your father’s travel needs.

5. Antiques

Some of the most valuable items can be found in little antiques stores. From the larger goods such as furniture, to the smaller décor gems such as silver photo frames, antique stores are like a veritable treasure chest just waiting to be unlocked. And, for any history fan fathers, these ancient items have more value than just the price tag.

6. Audio Equipment

Music and film fanatics can’t truly appreciate these artforms without the best audio equipment so if you’re really looking to treat your dad this Father’s Day, then consider investing in this worthwhile gift. Just make sure whatever you get is compatible with your dad’s television or other electrical device. 

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7. Accessories

Don’t fool yourself, men also love to accessorise. Elegant cufflinks or a well-placed tie pin can really finish off a suit while a smart cellphone holder or leather briefcase will be warmly received. Hats, ties, scarves and gloves are also great options.

8. Recreational equipment

Encourage your dad’s hobbies and interests this Father’s Day – or even expand his horizons – by investing in some recreational equipment to be enjoyed at his leisure. Sporting goods such as tennis racquets, golf balls or even a croquet set; model aircraft or ships; painting paraphernalia or even camping equipment and accessories are all potentially great gifts. Take the time to further your bond by assisting your dad with his chosen hobby!

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9. Family outing

There’s nothing more important than quality time with your dad so, instead of opting for a product, organise a fun family activity this Father’s Day. Take in some music, watch a show or attend a sporting event together. Our new larger Traders Sport Bar is also a great spot to have a family lunch on Father’s Day (with Georic Lomas performing live 2-4pm). Memories last forever.

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Fathers day gift ideas