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Flea Market Shopping

With hundreds of stalls and thousands of potential items to buy, shopping at a flea market is by no means an easy task. Simply arriving at a flea market at any time of day without the necessary preparation is just madness, you will be overwhelmed by the shoppers, sellers and general market mayhem. It’s important that you take all the necessary steps to really refine your flea market shopping experience. Here are some tips to guide you on this journey.

Tips for Flea Market Shopping

1. Go early

Stallholders don’t have storerooms filled with extra supplies, what you see is what you get, so make sure you don’t miss out. This is particularly true of farmers’ markets where fresh produce needs to be off the shelves as early as possible.

2. Map it out

If there’s one available, get hold of a map of the market and then mark which stalls you would like to visit. There might be a floorplan or layout on the website – just take a screenshot if necessary.

3. Do a circuit

If you arrive at the flea market early enough, you will have time to do a lap around the area, quickly checking out the stalls before actually going in and making any purchases. This prevents you from spending all your cash on the first stall only to discover the stall 10 down sells a similar product at half the price.

4. Bag it

While the stallholders will have bags, you don’t want to be carrying a number of bags by the end of the day, otherwise you’ll just want to leave early. Bring a big shopping bag or even a wheelie bag if you’re looking to make some big purchases.

5. Bring some cash

Although most stalls have electronic paypoints, anything from poor connectivity to power cuts can see you lose out on a beloved find. It’s worth keeping some cash readily available just in case – particularly a few smaller notes as sellers might not have change.

6. Be comfortable

The flea market is no place for heels, jewellery and designer wear. Choose something practical and comfortable – especially when it comes to footwear – to make this an enjoyable browsing experience.

7. Stay late for big bargains

It’s unlikely that stallholders will haggle too much early on, but as the day progresses and they’re looking to offload their wares, then they’re more likely to negotiate a deal. This isn’t to say that you should leave any really coveted item for later, however, because it could very well be sold before you return.

8. Ask about pick-up

If you’re looking to buy furniture or other large items, enquire first about whether the seller will hold it until pick-up or if it needs to be taken immediately. This could end your flea market shopping experience early otherwise.

9. Take a comparison kit

When searching for décor items or something to complement an outfit, make sure you take a sample with you so as to compare and contrast. You can’t simply return to the flea market at a later stage and find the exact same item, so be prepared.

10. Leave some room for the impulse buy

While planning and preparation are key, a flea market is a treasure trove of undiscovered gems so allow yourself some wiggle room for an impulse buy!

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