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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

The trees are up, the lights are on and the carols are playing on every station which means one thing… Christmas is almost here! And with the festive season comes the inevitable Christmas shopping, so here’s a list of great Christmas gift ideas to help you narrow down the options.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

1. All-in-one tool

This is an extremely versatile instrument that is also an extremely versatile Christmas gift. It’s suitable for men and women, but also a great gift option for a guest you might not know well. The all-in-one tool can be kept in the car, on one’s person or just around the house for easy access when a screw needs replacing, a chair needs fixing or wire needs cutting.

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2. Photo frames

Despite being deep into the digital age, the traditional printed photo in a frame is still a cherished item that makes a really meaningful Christmas gift. This is also a particularly good gift for children’s friends – get some of the year’s photos printed and framed for that “forever” memory.

3. Branded t-shirt

Clothes are always a very well-received Christmas gift, but rather than just selecting an item of the rack, choose a design, logo or wording and personalise the gift with a uniquely branded T-shirt. This is ideal for friends and family of all ages.

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4. Mani-pedi

After a long, tough year, there is nothing better than being completely pampered, to start the New Year afresh. Book that loved one a beautifying manicure and/or pedicure to show that you really care.

5. Books

No good can come from declining literacy rates so empower those closest to you with the latest bestseller or even an old classic this Christmas. Children can get endless hours of pleasure and create treasured childhood memories by reading any of the amazing literary options available for young readers.

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6. DIY craft kit

For the hobbyists in your circle, or for young crafters, a DIY craft kit is always a great option. Scrapbooking, mosaics and ceramics are all really meaningful craft kits – and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Kids’ sports’ watch

There’s nothing greater than getting your first watch. A really treasured item in bright neon colours that you can keep with you at all times – while also learning how to tell the time. A sports’ watch is a particularly good idea as it’s resilient and can be worn in water.

8. Handpainted baby gros

Ideal for the newest family member, a fun and funky baby gro will make the rest of the family melt in adoration. Although these can be found at any department store, and there are lots of cute options, a handpainted, unique baby gro will be something the parents can keep long after the little one has outgrown it. 

9. Handbags

A woman can never have too many handbags as they have to suit the mood, outfit and occasion. Consider getting that special lady in your life a really well-crafted handbag in her favourite colour – and throw in some chocolates or luxury items for a really nice touch.

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10. Towels and blankets

Summertime festive season means lots of swimming and picnics so why not consider vibrant, colourful towels or blankets as a useful gift option.

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