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Montana Family Market_My Cousin
Looking for a warm family place to enjoy food and have a good show along with it? With a perfect view of The Montana Family Market stage, My Cousin provides amazing food deals and drinks. Enjoy amazing combos such as burgers and milkshakes, a meat lover's dream of sticky ribs and chicken, and let's not forget the fantastic Happy Hour deals of cocktails and drinks. Stop by My Cousin and come and experience the best family and food experience that The Montana Family Market has to offer!
Have something to eat
While the kids play

Myooifood is the exciting food zone at the Montana Family Market featuring a play park for the kids and seating area where you can relax and socialize. We are thrilled to offer popular food outlets such as Chesa Nyama, South Africa’s fastest growing food franchise, 1+1 Pizza with its yummy range of toppings, Opa!Pita for when you have a craving for something Greek, and the delicious Large Fried Chicken Hot Chics if you're looking for classic comfort food. Also look out for our coffee shop that will be opening soon to satisfy our café-loving locals.