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Nail Salons in Pretoria

If you’re looking for the ultimate manicure or pedicure in Pretoria, then you’re in luck, because the Jacaranda City is home to a number of top-end nail salons. 

Pretoria Nail Salons

Here are 3 Nail Salons located in Montana, Pretoria

1. Violet’s Day Spa (

Located at Pretoria’s Montana Family Market, you can enjoy a whole day of pampering at Violet’s Day Spa as well as some specialised manicure and pedicure options.

2. Nails on the Run (

New to Montana Family Market, this established nail shop offers all types of manicures, pedicures, waxing and tints. They are based at the market but will also travel to your home for specialised treatments. 

3. Nail Salon (

This lovely salon, situated in the heart of Pretoria at Montana Family Market, will happily accommodate you for all manicure needs. Get pampered while the rest of the family has fun at the market.

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But before you make your choice, it’s important to look at the nail styles and designs available.

Types of nail shapes avaiable at Nail Salons in Pretoria

  • Round - this simple, natural shape is great for short nails, extending just past the nail bed.
  • Square – this is easy to maintain and also works well for shorter nails.
  • Rounded square – merge the first two shapes for a less angular square nail.
  • Oval – this shape lengthens and slims down the look of the fingers.
  • Squoval – maintain the oval nail length with a bit of a square finish.
  • Almond – this is a narrow nail with rounded ending that also elongates the hands.


Nail technologies at Nail Salons in Pretoria

  • Nail gel – a very hard gel manicure that isn’t easily removed. The nails are first shaped, then buffed, and the gel applied and dried under UV light.
  • Shellac – this is considered to give a more ‘natural’ look. It’s a blend of nail polish and gel, formulated by Creative Nail Design. It’s applied more thinly than gel and also dried under UV light.
  • Acrylic – this is created by mixing a powder and liquid during the manicure and is great for nail biters. The acrylic is cured as it’s applied, so no UV is light needed.
  • Traditional nail polish/varnish – this is a lacquer that protects nails against drying and cracking. This will include a base coat, three polish coats and a top coat. The polish does chip quite easily and takes time to dry.

Bridal nail trends available at Pretoria Nail Salons

While the dress might take centre stage on the wedding day, the nails will also get a lot of attention as everyone grabs your hand to look at the rings. This means you want your nails to look their best. The dominant nail colour trends for brides in 2018 include:

  • Light or shimmering pink, white nails, subtle glitter, natural matte, pale pink with an accent nail, taupe nails, slightly opaque nails, and nude nails.

Nail art trends at Pretorai Nail Salons

Nail art is also increasingly popular these days. Rather than the traditional coloured nails, you can do a base coat and then go for some funky designs. Here are some of the popular nail art trends.

  • Chrome – a mirror-shine effect giving the nail a fun, reflective finish.
  • Festive fun – stars, trees, Father Christmas…there is no end to this yuletide trend.
  • Negative spacing – mix this with solid nail colours and a bare line on one or two other nails.
  • The naked nail – this matches the base colour to skin pigment creating a simple, clean look.
  • Bling – like jewellery for the nails, add a subtle bling touch to a more nude base coat.

Get these trendy nail solutions in Pretoria and the Montana area.